Bad Back – How do I choose what will be best?

If you have never had any kind of holistic or complementary therapy, then perhaps you are wondering what its all about, and most importantly, which one will help you?

Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Bowen, Reiki, Chiropractic, or the more familiar Sports Therapy/Massage? How do you decide?

We know our bodies more than we think -how often have you had the experience of needing to have a particular taste or eat a specific food, and what about the times when you know you just need to sleep or you have lots of energy and want to get out of the house?
It’s the same when our body is in pain, uncomfortable or distressed, listen to your body, what does it need? We generally know if we feel like a gentle or hard massage, or maybe its a good ‘jolt’ back into place, or perhaps some gentle manipulation of our sore and tender muscles.

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Meditation Group

Following the success of our first meditation group, our next one will start on 1st September for 4 weeks. The weekly one hour sessions are £10 each or £35 paid up front.

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