Bowen Therapy – just what is it?

Bowen Therapy is a well-established remedial therapy which can relieve the symptoms of a variety of health difficulties. The technique was formed over 50 years ago when Tom Bowen, an Australian, started practising his technique to treat the injuries and ailments of local sportsmen, friends and his family in Australia. His successful finger-thumb rolling technique was titled Bowen Therapy following his death and it is now acknowledged around the world. Whilst Bowen Therapy is used for a wide range of health issues, those who suffer from muscular pain, lower back pain, sprains, minor injuries and irritated nerves will benefit from Bowen.

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Protecting Joints and Managing Pain

Most people experience aches and pains at some point in their lives which can be eased by simple exercises, pain killers and RICE. Some need additional treatment to manage recurring problems and address vulnerable hot-spots caused by occupation, recreation or accidents. For other people chronic conditions are a part of day to day life. For example, approximately 1 in 5 adults over 45 years in England have osteoarthritis of the knee, and 1 in 9 adults have osteoarthritis of the hip. If arthritis is causing pain, you may not want to move. But this can increase stiffness and in the long term your muscles will weaken, making movement even more difficult. The same goes for other joint-related conditions, so exercising is so important to keep mobile and muscles strong. Unfortunately in doing this, many people overdo the exercise and then need to rest for several days, and end up doing more harm to their joints without realising.

Here are 8 ways to keep mobile, protect your joints and avoid excessive pain.

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Homeopathy – For or Against?

Who would have thought Homeopathy would be linked to the contest for the next Labour Leadership? Indeed homeopathy has wide acclaim and support from many famous people, past and present, including Ghandi, Tina Turner, Paul McCartney, Prince Philip and the Queen.
Unfortunately for Jeremy Corbyn, his support of homeopathy, and his suggestion for homeopathy on the NHS has resulted in widespread criticism of him and his beliefs. Like all kinds of treatments, conventional, alternative or complementary, we don’t have to dismiss something simply because it hasn’t received scientific support. All prescription drugs are undergone extensive research and clinical trials before being available to the general public, yet think about the many potential side effects, the risk of excessive use, and the ineffectiveness of so many drugs….despite this we still take them. So whats so bad about Homeopathy?

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