Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS)

What is ITB Syndrome?

ITBS is one of the most common injuries amongst runners and affects two times more women than men. Historically, ITBS is thought to be caused by friction of the iliotibial band rubbing over the femoral condyle as the knee bends, which leads to pain and inflammation. However, recent research reports that a combination of altered biomechanics and compression of a highly innervated fat layer at the lateral knee may be responsible for this injury.

Signs & Symptoms

ITBS presents itself through a gradual onset of pain to the outside of the knee, which typically worsens during repetitive activity i.e. running.

This is likely to increase due to;
• Overtraining and progressing weekly running volume too quickly
• Poor biomechanics
• Muscle weakness at the hips, knees and core
• Reduced flexibility and muscle tightness

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