Mental Health Awareness Week


This week marks the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week – an annual campaign to raise mental health awareness and reduce the stigma of mental illness. This year’s theme is “Thriving or Surviving” as it seems too few of us are thriving with good mental health.
Over recent years the awareness and understanding of mental health issues has grown. Talking about our difficulties really helps, especially if those sharing are in the public domain, as in the case of Prince Harry, who recently who talked about not coping with the loss of his mother. However, we must keep talking, sharing and seeking support if we are to achieve more, and help more people thrive, as opposed to simply fighting to survive.

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Improve your sleep.. and life expectancy

On average 7 to 9 hours sleep a night is required for a restorative night’s sleep. Interestingly, shortened life expectancy isn’t only linked to people who routinely sleep less than this, but also to those who sleep more. Yet as the nature of our sleeping requirements change with each stage of life, achieving the balance is not easy.

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Giving & Receiving

Saying Thank You

Our culture tries to tell us that its better to give than to receive, however this isn’t quite the case. Showing gratitude allows us to give something back to a person, and at the same time encourages more giving, by us all.

Here are 3 tips on how to give and receive with ease;

  1. Be aware of what people do for you and thank them for it. This helps us appreciate that others value and care for us, and in turn we feel good about ourselves.
  2. Accept compliments as they are given without protest. Saying ” you shouldn’t have” or “its only…” dismisses the compliment, which devalues the compliment. Say thank you and don’t worry about hidden agendas, that is besides the point, as is giving something in return.
  3. Keep a diary of the things you are grateful for and appreciate all that you can give and receive.