Anger and Forgiveness

The impact of conflict can run deep and can change the state of our mental and physical health. Anger resides in the body, increasing heart rate and blood pressure as well as compromising the immune system’s ability to function effectively. Holding onto negative thoughts and feelings limit our ability to enjoy our day to day life. Thoughts of the original conflict ruminate and escalate and relationships are impacted causing more dis-satisfaction and inner pain. Thankfully […]

Mental Health & a Job Interview

Going to a job interview can be a very daunting experience, especially if you have had gaps off work or periods of sickness due to periods of poor mental health. You shouldn’t be asked about your health, particularly mental health, in fact employers are legally expected to avoid such questions. However, some questions still may feel targeted as though the interviewer ‘knows’ you have mental health difficulties. Here are a few tips to manage the […]

Massage for Muscle Maintenance

Muscle Maintenance Massage can play a very important role in your exercise programme. Massage is the only therapy that can help prevent the sort of overuse and repetitive strain injuries often incurred during a training/exercise programme.Great for releasing areas of tightness and tension in muscles, easing away aches and pains, and relieving fatigue, a massage can also help speed recovery time after an injury. Aches and pains or niggling injuries picked up in training should […]