Our Ethos is simple. What is suitable for one person is not necessarily appropriate for another. Getting the most appropriate therapy to meet your needs is essential for improved body, mind and well being. Choice and flexibility to respond to your health needs as and when you need, gives you improved confidence and control over your health and well-being.

Our Assessments
Our detailed psychological assessment helps us to recommend the treatment we think will work best for you, and we can do this for your physical health needs too. Alternatively you may know yourself from past experience and wish to make your own choice. Whichever route you choose our experienced practitioners will work collaboratively with you to help you overcome your challenges as efficiently as possible.

Choice of Therapies
We provide a wide range of different treatments delivered by dedicated and committed professionals who each specialise in their area of expertise.

We will not reveal information concerning your contact and involvement with The Therapy Company to anyone outside of our service, without your permission. For clients receiving psychological therapy, we will provide a confidentially contract at your first appointment. All psychotherapists are required to participate in clinical supervision and all practitioners are required to engage in Continuing Professional Development which supports and enhances their practice. In doing this, your personal data will not be disclosed.

Clinical Governance
We maintain the quality of our service by regular evaluation through our Clinical Governance Plan.

We give all of our clients the opportunity to let us know what they think of their treatment and our service in general. We encourage you to tell us the positive aspects as well as areas you believe we can improve upon. Please use the details here to provide any feedback. All information will be treated in a confidential and professional manner.