Bowen Therapy – just what is it?

Bowen Therapy is a well-established remedial therapy which can relieve the symptoms of a variety of health difficulties. The technique was formed over 50 years ago when Tom Bowen, an Australian, started practising his technique to treat the injuries and ailments of local sportsmen, friends and his family in Australia. His successful finger-thumb rolling technique was titled Bowen Therapy following his death and it is now acknowledged around the world. Whilst Bowen Therapy is used for a wide range of health issues, those who suffer from muscular pain, lower back pain, sprains, minor injuries and irritated nerves will benefit from Bowen.

The gentle rolling movement of the ligaments and tendons, stimulates muscles to promote self-repair, and as a relaxing therapy, it is suitable for all ages from new-born babies to the elderly. It is recommended that 5-10 days are allowed between sessions to allow the muscles to process the subtle changes that have taken place in each session. Outdoor survival and wild adventurer, Bear Grylls recommends Bowen, saying it helps keep his body strong and fight stress and fatigue.

The Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA) is one of the UK’s largest organisations, all therapists registered with the Association are fully trained and insured practitioners. Each Bowen Therapist has qualifications in Anatomy, Physiology and First Aid and undergoes a monitored programme of continuing professional development.

So, if you are interested in trying a Bowen Therapy session, give us a ring to see Judith Kilgallon, Bowen Practitioner and BTPA member. Each Bowen session is one hour duration and costs £35.
Special Offer – 3 sessions and get the 3rd at the reduced price of £20.
The Children’s Bowen clinic prices start at £10 for babies and young children.

For more information pop into the clinic and read our comprehensive information file or ring to speak with Judith