Massage for Muscle Maintenance

Muscle Maintenance Massage can play a very important role in your exercise programme. Massage is the only therapy that can help prevent the sort of overuse and repetitive strain injuries often incurred during a training/exercise programme.Great for releasing areas of tightness and tension in muscles, easing away aches and pains, and relieving fatigue, a massage can also help speed recovery time after an injury. Aches and pains or niggling injuries picked up in training should […]

Self Help with Epsom Salts

Epsom Salts Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulphate) is a quick and easy self help approach to dealing with minor aches and pains. They are easily accessible from a local chemist and many of the discount shops sell them too. They can be used where there is any calcification in joints, or where there is mild stiffness or soreness after physical activity, such as sport or gardening. The salts work by reducing the acid build up in […]

Improve your sleep.. and life expectancy

On average 7 to 9 hours sleep a night is required for a restorative night’s sleep. Interestingly, shortened life expectancy isn’t only linked to people who routinely sleep less than this, but also to those who sleep more. Yet as the nature of our sleeping requirements change with each stage of life, achieving the balance is not easy. We are frequently told to reduce caffeine, alcohol and sugary snacks just before bed-times, however, here are […]

5 Benefits of Exercise

Here is our list to help motivate you to get moving and start exercising;When you get moving, your body creates hormones called endorphins that are responsible for making you feel happy.When you are physically active, your body also releases dopamine and adrenaline that makes your brain kick into a higher gear. This makes you feel more alert, focused and enables you to absorb information easier.Exercise trains the nerve cells in the area of our brain, […]

Why Bowen?

I first experienced Bowen over 10 years ago after suffering a prolapsed disc in my lower back. I had a course of physiotherapy treatment which improved my condition enough for me to return to work. However, I had residual symptoms including leg pain, numbness and pins and needles in my foot, and I was walking with a limp. I wondered whether this would ever go away, and then a friend suggested I try Bowen. I did n’t […]

Are you a Golfer?

Whether you are a casual, keen or professional golfer, time, effort, skill and perseverance are required. The very nature of the swing can put tremendous stress on your body so there is always a chance of an sports injury. Whilst many injuries can be prevented, we can help to get you back on the course as soon as possible. Repeated actions over 2 hrs or more can put stress on tissues and cause injuries such […]