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Fear of Flying?

Fear of Flying
It’s that time of year when we get ready to jump on a plane and head to the sun for the annual summer holiday. Whilst there may be many who think nothing of plane travel, some shudder at the thought. The statistics indicate that more women than men are affected and the fear begins in childhood or early 20’s. Surprisingly, approximately 30% of the population are apprehensive yet manage their wide ranging degrees of fear, hesitancy and reluctance using various strategies to cope. Some are relatively successful, usually distraction techniques, others such as drinking to excess may work, but are not ideal and not recommended. Again distraction techniques are good, and practice is required especially if a long haul flight is on the cards. You may question how you practice distracting yourself on a flight, and because of this many people don’t feel there is a solution? Sadly between 2 and 10% of the population avoid plane travel completely preferring to stay with their feet on the ground.

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Stressed – to be or not to be?

How often, especially at Christmas do you hear the word stress in a sentence? Maybe you say it yourself, “I am just so stressed”, or “It was so stressful in town today”. Or maybe you have never felt stressed at all… ever. Now I know we are all unique, but I do find the concept of never feeling stressed difficult to get my head round!

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