Our team and their expertise

Our team consists of six consultant psychiatrists with extensive knowledge and expertise in mental health gained over decades of working across numerous disciplines in the NHS and private consultancy.

The consultants are supported by a skilled team of counsellors, psychotherapists and medical administrators. Our specialist team of therapists provide treatments including counselling, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Eye, Movement, Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR).

Our multi-disciplined team work together to deliver accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plans for a fast recovery.

Dr Haroon Moosa
Consultant Psychiatrist MB ChB MRCPsych

Dr Haroon Moosa, is Consultant Psychiatrist in Adult Psychiatry at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust. He provides private consultations within The Therapy Company from our Garstang Road premises, Fulwood, Preston.

Having graduated in 1994 from Manchester university, he has been a consultant psychiatrist since 2002. Previous roles have been as Consultant Psychiatrist with Merseycare NHS Trust and Priory Healthcare.

His special interests are treatment resistant mood disorders, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, addiction disorders and stress. He also undertakes specialist work for medico-legal clients and Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) clients.

To arrange an appointment, please contact his secretary, Chris Bridge, on 01772 440321 or email consultants@thetherapycompany.co.uk

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Dr Shashank Chattree

Consultant Psychiatrist. MBBS FRCPsych DPM

Dr Chattree is Consultant Psychiatrist with over 30 years’ experience in Adult Psychiatry in the NHS and independent sector. Having recently left Priory Healthcare, he now operates his own private practice within The Therapy Company, at our Garstang Rd premises in Fulwood, Preston.

He commenced his career in Rajasthan, India and completed his specialist training in UK. Previous posts have included Senior Registrar in Psychiatry in South & Mid Glamorgan and Consultant Psychiatrist at Lancashire Care NHS Trust. In 2002 he was elected as Fellow of Royal College of Psychiatrists. He has been Consultant Psychiatrist with Priory Healthcare for over 20 years, and was Medical Director at Preston for 6 of these years.

His special interests include Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Anxiety disorders and Mood disorders. He has been involved in several clinical trials of compounds developed for management of depression, psychosis and anxiety disorders. He is a part time medical member of Tribunals Service, Mental Health. He provides medico legal reports as an expert in personal injury cases.

To arrange an appointment, please contact his secretary, Chris Bridge, on 01772 440321 or email consultants@thetherapycompany.co.uk

Dr PT Saleem
Consultant Psychiatrist BSc MBBS FRCPsych DPM

Dr Saleem is Consultant Psychiatrist with over 30 years’ experience of adult psychiatry in the NHS and Independent sector. He worked initially as Registrar in Northwest Deanery, then as Senior Registrar in the Yorkshire Deanery. He completed his career in the NHS after working for 28 years as consultant psychiatrist at Royal Blackburn Hospital in July 2011.He has been in full time private practice since. Dr Saleem now operates private clinics at Beardwood Hospital Blackburn (BMI Hospital, Blackburn) and with The Therapy Company, at our Garstang Road premises, Fulwood, Preston.

His special interests include all aspects of general psychiatry, alcohol addiction and medico legal work covering mental health law, mental capacity law, civil litigation, family law, employment law and criminal matters. He has considerable experience and expertise in managing treatment resistant depression. He has also been seeing clients with Autism Spectrum Disorder for diagnostic assessments. Dr Saleem is a medical member of the Mental Health Review Tribunals in England and Wales and also in Isle of Man. He is a special Medical visitor (previously Lord Chancellor’s medical visitor) since 2004. He has special interest in the interface between Mental Health Act and Mental Capacity Law and carries capacity assessments in relation managing property and financial affairs, and setting up LPA for Health and Welfare and Property and Finances.
He has been a Health assessor and Medical supervisor for General Medical Council since 2000.

Dr Saleem has been a key figure in the field of psychiatric research and has a few peer reviewed publications.
1) Dexamethasone test in Anxiety British Journal of Psychiatry 1984.
2) Randomised controlled trial of day and in-patient psychiatric treatment: comparison of 2 hospitals,Prof.Francis Creed, Dr.P.T.Saleem etall British journal of Psychiatry 1991.
Audit on use of benzodiazepines on out-patient psychiatric patients. Dr P.T Saleem; Dr Venugopal Duddu. Journal of Clinical Governance (February 2002)
Social functioning and quality of life in schizophrenic patients – Advantage of amisulpiride. Dr P.T Saleem et al. Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology. (January 2002)
Long term safety and efficacy of amisulpiride in sub chronic or chronic schizophrenia. Dr P.T Saleem; L Colonna et al.
International Clinical Psychopharmacology (2000)

To arrange an appointment, please contact either Chris or Sheila, on 01772 440321 or email consultants@thetherapycompany.co.uk


Dr Adam Bagadi
Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist – MB, BSc, DPM MRCPsych FRCPsych

Dr Bagadi is Consultant in Child, Adolescent & Family Psychiatry with over 30 years experience in the NHS and private sector. Dr Bagadi offers consultations for children, young people and their families on Saturday mornings at our Garstang Rd premises, Fulwood, Preston.

Having graduated in Khartoum Medical School in 1972, he took up his first post in the UK at Maudsley & Bethlem Royal Hospitals in London in 1977, whilst training in psychiatry. In 1981, he took up post of Senior Registrar in Child, Adolescent and Family Psychiatry at Sheffield and spent 3 years training junior doctors as part of his role.

His passion for working with children, young people and families has never stopped. In 1985, he was appointed to set up the Child and Family Psychiatric Service for Trafford NHS. Over the past 30 years, he developed the service from 4 to 40 clinicians and maintained a lead role in teaching junior doctors as well as a wide range of other professionals.
Having developed skills in Behaviour Psychotherapy, Family Therapy and Psycho-dynamic Psychotherapy, his approach is one of family therapy arising from the understanding that most children’s psychological symptoms affect, and are affected by the family environment. Furthermore, as a child’s and family’s needs are varied, a multi-disciplinary approach is often required.

Dr Bagadi began a research project on Deliberate Self-harm in under 17 yr olds when in Sheffield, as well as with Manchester University and their national research projects. He is currently looking at conducting research in Post-Natal Depression and Bonding, and plans to commence a comparative study between British and Sudanese cultures in their support and treatment of children and young people in managing stress.

To arrange an appointment, please contact either Chris, Lorraine or Sheila, on 01772 440321 or email consultants@thetherapycompany.co.uk

Dr Ranji Thomas
Consultant Psychiatrist MBBS, MD Psychiatry, MRCPsych, Diploma in Psychiatry

Dr Ranji Mathai Thomas, is a Consultant Psychiatrist in General Adult Psychiatry at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust. He provides private consultations within The Therapy Company from our Garstang Rd premises, Fulwood, Preston.

Having completed his Post Graduation in Psychiatry in India, Dr Thomas worked as an Assistant Professor, before moving to the United Kingdom in 1999.  After completing his core training and specialist training with the Northwest Deanery, Dr Thomas has been working as a Consultant Psychiatrist with Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust since 2005.  He is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.   He also worked at Priory Healthcare providing both inpatient and outpatient assessments and treatments.  Dr Thomas is an examiner for undergraduate medical examinations and is also a member of the Board of Examiners, Royal College of Psychiatrists.


Dr Thomas has specialist experience in the diagnosis and management of mental disorders afflicting people in the age group 16 to 65 .  Dr Thomas has special interest in mood, anxiety disorders, and other psychological difficulties.   He also has experience in treating psychiatric disorders in pregnancy and in the post natal period.   He also works in Psychiatry that deals with the interface between physical and psychological health.

To arrange an appointment, please contact his secretary, Chris Bridge, on 01772 440321 or email consultants@thetherapycompany.co.uk

Dr Shahid M Ahmad
Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist MBBS DPM FRCPsych

Dr Shahid Ahmad, is Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Lead (Hyndburn) in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust. He provides private consultations within The Therapy Company from our Garstang Road premises, Fulwood, Preston.

His clinical expertise include assessment and management of a wide range of child psychiatric disorders and difficulties. These include; anxiety/depression, school refusal/school phobia, truancy/antisocial behaviour, trauma/PTSD, OCD,eating disorders, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, Tourette’s Syndrome, drink/drug abuse, juvenile offending, deliberate self harm behaviour and family relationship difficulties. Dr Ahmad will offer consultations to children and adolescents up to 19 yrs.


Dr Natalie Miles

Dr Natalie Miles is a qualified psychotherapist, fully accredited with BABCP (British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists), and BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy). As Clinical Lead within The Therapy Company and with over 25 years in the healthcare industry, Dr Miles initially trained as a chiropodist.

In the mid 1990s she trained in Counselling, went on to complete her MA in Counselling, and then commenced study in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. In 2005, she achieved her BSc in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy at Lancaster University and in 2012, completed her Doctorate in Counselling at Manchester University.

She has experience with a wide range of mental health problems, and in addition to treating with people with anxiety and depression. She has additional skills and experience in working with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Eating Disorder, Mood Disorder, Phobias and Behavioural Disorders, such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). As a trained Clinical Supervisor she provides formal clinical supervision to students and qualified therapists.


Diane Ogden

Diane Ogden is both Service Manager and Therapist. A qualified nurse, she trained as a Registered Mental Nurse (RMN) in the mid 1980s and worked in acute mental health services in the NHS for several years.

Over the years she has worked in a wide variety of services, including a specialist therapeutic community, sexual abuse/assault service, as clinician and manager in both substance misuse services and a local private hospital.

In 2010 she qualified in Eye Movement, Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR) and became accredited with EMDR UK & Europe in 2013 and works with clients experiencing trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Diane manages the service to ensure a high standard of care is delivered.

To arrange an appointment, please contact, Chris Bridge or Sheila Leach, on 01772 440321 or email consultants@thetherapycompany.co.uk


Referral Process

If you wish to see one of our Consultant Psychiatrists, please speak with your GP and request a referral letter. Appointments cannot take place without a referral letter from your GP. The referral can be addressed specifically to one of the consultants, or to The Therapy Company. In the case of the latter we will arrange for you to be seen at the first available appointment convenient to your needs.

Medical Secretaries, Chris and Lorraine are supported by Receptionist, Sheila Leach. For further information and assistance, please telephone 01772 440321 or email consultants@thetherapycompany.co.uk
Fax No for GP referrals is 01772 718440

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