Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace

We all know how important it is to look after our health if we are to be able to function effectively at work. Recognising our limitations, strengths and weaknesses is essential and knowing how to cope when life gets tough is vital. The growing concern with good work-life balance has made us aware of the relationship between our jobs, and our mental and physical well-being. Our physical health and our psychological health impact significantly on each so an holistic approach to health & well-being is recommended.

As managers and/or employers we have a legal responsibility to help our employees achieve this too, so are you doing enough to fulfill your responsibilities?

Its so important to support staff when at work and not just when off sick or struggling. Employees who feel valued, proud of their work and the company they work for creates a healthy workplace with healthy, motivated workers more likely to ‘go that extra mile’, give good customer service, and take fewer sick days and provide commitment and creativity. Making sure they stay this way is vital if you want your business to remain successful. Many employers offer ‘duvet days’, consider other alternatives such as reflexology, head/body massage, acupuncture and mindfulness.

Accidents and illness can affect any one of us and getting treatment swiftly is paramount to good health. Do you have reputable treatment providers you can recommend to your employees, that can provide rapid access to both physical and psychological interventions?

Finally, feeling stressed is n’t something people always want to talk about and the stigma still exists. Providing health awareness days within your workplace as shown below, helps communicate your understanding and encourages your employees to reach out independently rather than fearing the HR route.


Contact us if you feel we can help you or more information can be found throughout the internet including Health & Safety Executive website or ACAS as examples.