Kinesiology Tape – Miracle Tape or Not?

Kinesiology Tape is a therapeutic tape used for musculoskeletal injuries and sports injuries as well as inflammatory conditions. It is widely used amongst top international athletes for a variety of reasons and interestingly has been banned from competitive swimming as it is thought to enhance performance.

It’s uses vary including pain relief, reducing swelling, bruising and inflammation, prevention of spasms and cramping, faster recovery of muscles, for structural support of weak areas, enhances strength and muscle tone and of course it allows people to continue to train even when injured.

Miracle Tape? Well, for some yes, for others not. The thin stretchy tape apparently works by gently lifting the skin to create a space between the skin and the tissue below, which initiates improved blood flow to allow oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to the injured tissues to accelerate healing. This in turn allows the lymphatic vessels to dilate and improves drainage, thereby reducing swelling, and reliving pressure on pain receptors to reduce pain quickly.

So, next time you need some support exercising or if you pull a muscle or injury a tendon, give the Kinesiology Tape a try and you be the judge.