New Bowen Technique Pilot Study


Do you have an irregular heartbeat (atrial fibrillation)?

Take part in our unique Pilot Study into the effects of the Bowen technique on irregular heartbeat.

There is evidence to suggest that Bowen helps to achieve a balanced autonomic nervous system and by stimulating the vagus nerve, may help to regulate the heartbeat.

To take part you must:

• Be 50 to 70 years old

• Have your heart rate and blood pressure taken at your GP’s surgery prior to the start of the course of treatment and then one week after the last treatment

• Commit to three 1-hour treatments in consecutive weeks at a reduced price of £50.00 (normal price £105)

One client commented:
“In the afternoon after my first appointment my heart was all over the place and I could definitely feel the vagus nerve doing a dance just below my heart and above my midriff. I was slightly worried, and then after half an hour, it just stopped reverberating and I haven’t had another incident since – it’s wonderful”

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