December 5, 2018

Imposter Syndrome

Michelle Obama recently raised the issue about ‘Imposter Syndrome’, a term used to describe feeling a fraud, insecure and/or self-doubt. She has spoken about her life experiences of a lack of insecurity despite the success and status she has achieved. Calling it a syndrome is to down play how universal it is. Whilst a lot of emphasis has been placed on this being a ‘female’ issue, men also experience the same struggle in feeling a

November 20, 2018

The Happy Newspaper

If you have n’t seen this already, then we think this is a great treat. This isn’t a typical newspaper. The Happy Newspaper reports on and celebrates the good things happening around the world. It’s sole purpose is to share and celebrate positive, uplifting stories that are often overlooked or neglected in favour of the usual stuff we read about. As you know, being constantly exposed to negativity impacts our mood, and can leave us feeling down

November 15, 2018

Eating for Anxiety.

Anxiety is multi-faceted, involving both hormonal and metabolic imbalances. But here are some changes you can make to your diet to ease your symptoms and help you feel more in control. (They however do not replace professional help, they only play part of the role). * Skip the Alcohol – in the short term it can make you feel calm, but once the effect wears off it will only disturb your blood sugar and you’re more

August 23, 2018

Always busy….. so busy

When I meet my business colleagues, a common question we all ask each other is, “How are you, are you busy?” The answer we always hope we can give and hear is “Oh yes, so busy at the moment”. And of course that’s how we should be in business, no-one wants a quiet business. When I meet my friends and family, I often get the same answer and I used to tell them the same,
Take a real break this summer With summer holidays fast approaching, how much do you really switch off when you go away on holiday? Depending on the nature of your work you may be able to switch off very easily and leave all your work behind which others can deal with whilst you’re away, and genuinely relax and recharge your batteries. However, there are many who do struggle to switch off. Maybe it’s because you’re
What do food cravings mean? Our relationship with food is complicated at best, but it is one that is key to understanding both our emotions and mental states. It’s really quite enlightening to observe your eating habits and desires or to become more mindful and stop before you eat something.Question why you want something, what it will give you and what need it will fulfil? One study shows the significant role of emotions in food
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