Muscle Maintenance

Massage can play a very important role in your exercise programme. Massage is the only therapy that can help prevent the sort of overuse and repetitive strain injuries often incurred during a training/exercise programme.
Great for releasing areas of tightness and tension in muscles, easing away aches and pains, and relieving fatigue, a massage can also help speed recovery time after an injury.

Aches and pains or niggling injuries picked up in training should be attended to as soon as possible. Regular therapeutic massage helps increase your sense of well-being, enhance performance which, in turn, boosts confidence.

So, whether you’ve completed you weekly routine workout, competed in challenging event or training for a marathon, what could be better than having a soothing and relaxing massage to help you unwind?.

Contact our St Anne’s clinic to book an appointment with Andy Ogilvie (Massage & Sports Therapist).

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