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I am very happy and thankful for Dr Ahmed for seeing my daughter and making her feel so comfortable when talking about difficulties she is experiencing. He was really professional and knowledgeable about childhood neurological disorders and he was personally very likeable. I would definitely recommend seeing Dr Ahmed and I will go back in the future if we need to!

Donna Cosgrove

In my opinion, Dr PT Saleem is the best psychiatrist I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I have grown to truly appreciate his expertise in the field of psychiatry. I respect very deeply his opinions and his decisions in terms of my care. I thank him so much for everything he’s done to help me so far. Since I have attended appointments with Dr Saleem, I feel like I have improved somewhat regarding my mental health. Sometimes a person only partially recovers from a mental illness but there is a lot to be said for finding the right psychiatrist who gives the correct treatment. One who listens and understands very clearly and sees the whole picture surrounding the illness. I feel very grateful and very fortunate. I would highly recommend Dr Saleem.

Mariama Kamara

I have had only positive experiences with The Therapy Company. The staff are exceptional at what they do, incredibly caring and personable with a wealth of knowledge and skills to help individuals dealing with emotional/mental difficulties or difficult times. They respond quickly, and ensure you are seen to as soon as possible. I regularly recommend them to people seeking support and would contact them in the first instance should I ever need support in the future.

Emma Clancy

Excellent therapist and therapy sessions. I found the flexible times for appointments and via phone or video very helpful. Was able to work through what I needed in a reasonable time with a caring therapist. Thank you!

Kristina Babbitt

Nicole gave me the confidence to get back on the motorway and enjoy driving again.

Lillie-mae Martin

Wonderful and caring!

Avril Willis
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