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Welcome to The Therapy Company

Providing professional mental health diagnosis and treatment 

Services We Offer

Our Consultant Psychiatric and Psychotherapy team provides professional mental health diagnosis and treatment to individuals aged 10 and upwards. We are able to offer fast access to treatment with appointments available at several locations across Lancashire. In addition, to make the treatment process more flexible and accessible to you we also provide confidential telephone and online therapy services via video links. 

Adult Private Psychiatry

The Therapy Company provide Adult Private Psychiatry devoted to the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of mental disorders.

Child Private Psychiatry

TTC also offer child private psychiatry for children over the age of ten. Includes the diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders.

CBT Therapy

Psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic counselling are talking therapies. They are used to treat emotional problems & mental health issues.


Counselling falls under the umbrella term ‘talking therapies’ and allows people to discuss their problems in a safe, confidential environment.

ASD Diagnosis

The Therapy company offers a diagnostic assessment for Autistic Spectrum Disorder. We see young people from age 6 to 16.

EMDR Therapy

TTC also offer EMDR therapy. Highly effective in helping people recover from trauma, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other panic disorders.

Medico Legal Reports

Our psychiatrist provide medico legal reports which include evidence of treatment plans, medication, and medical history.

ASD Assessments

The Therapy company offers ASD assessments to diagnose Autistic Spectrum Disorder. We see young people from age 6 to 16.

Online Psychiatry

Here at The Therapy Company, we also provide online psychiatry for clients throughout the UK seeking convenient mental health support

Why Choose The Therapy Company?

Why you should choose The Therapy Company for your mental health needs.

Private Therapy & Psychiatry - Our Team

Our team consists of six consultant psychiatrists with extensive knowledge and expertise in mental health gained over decades of working across numerous disciplines in the NHS and private consultancy.

The consultants are supported by a skilled team of counsellors, psychotherapists and medical administrators. Our specialist team of therapists provide treatments including counselling, Sexual Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Eye, Movement, Hypnotherapy, Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR).

Our multi-disciplined team work together to deliver accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plans for a fast recovery.

Dr Haroon Moosa

Consultant Psychiatrist MB ChB MRCPsych

Dr Shashank Chattree

Consultant Psychiatrist. MBBS FRCPsych DPM

Dr PT Saleem

Consultant Psychiatrist BSc MBBS FRCPsych

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What’s The Difference Between a Psychiatrist and a Therapist?

Navigating the world of mental health services can be challenging and overwhelming at times. Seeking help can often be paramount for your mental health and well-being but knowing who to go to and what for exactly can be confusing. Two terms that are often used interchangeably but entail distinct roles are “psychiatrist” and “therapist.” In this blog, we will explain the similarities and differences between each before leaving some final thoughts to help you decide

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Maintaining Confidentiality in Private Psychiatry: How Your Privacy Is Protected

Maintaining Confidentiality in Private Psychiatry: How Your Privacy Is Protected

Your privacy and confidentiality is incredibly important when it comes to medical care and psychiatry. There’s so much information and detail about an individual that’s often sensitive and personal. And that’s even before you consider all the GDPR regulations that must be adhered to. Confidentiality keeps patients feeling safe, secure and more comfortable which ultimately allows for a better environment for psychiatry and better all-round treatment. In this blog, we will delve into how confidentiality

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When Should You See a Psychiatrist

When Should You See a Psychiatrist

Mental health is just as important as physical health, yet many people hesitate to seek help when they’re struggling with emotional or psychological challenges. One avenue of support that is often underused is seeing a private psychiatrist. Psychiatrists are medical doctors specialised in diagnosing, treating, and managing mental health conditions. In this blog post, we’ll explore the signs and situations that indicate it may be time to see a private psychiatrist at The Therapy Company

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