Mental health services are more in demand than ever, particularly with the effect of the continuing lockdown. 

To provide more accessibility to those in Lancashire and Greater Manchester, we recently opened new premises in Blackburn.

The centre in Blackburn will provide a range of mental health and psychiatric services from our expert team of counsellors, CBT registered therapists, EMDR therapists and Consultant Psychiatrists.  They treat a wide range of conditions including:

The strong working relationships between our psychiatrists and psychotherapists ensures you will be provided with the most effective treatment for your specific needs.

Our team provides a sensitive, supportive, personal and efficient approach to all clients.

We initially assess your needs and then decide on the most effective treatment for you This is followed by the production of a comprehensive care plan to achieve your goals in the most considerate and timely manner.
Contact us on 01772 725530 or email for more details.

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