Psychosexual Therapy

The Therapy Company are able to provide Physchosexual Therapy in Preston or via online appointments.

Psychosexual therapy is a specialist talking therapy that uses several components including psychosexual therapy, relationship therapy, and broader psychotherapy.

Psychosexual therapy is aimed at helping couples and individuals talk about their lives, their sexual issues, and preferences to resolve specific sexual problems.

You can now book an appointment with Debbie Brittain who is an experienced, compassionate registered Psychosexual Therapist and Registered GeneralNurse(RGN). Psychosexual Therapy will give you a safe space and regular time to talk about the issues affecting you.

The focus is generally on sexual or relationship issues, these may be linked with what is going on in the rest of your life – stress, problems at work, financial, family, or medical /physical difficulties. Debbie will work in collaboration with you to support you to work towards your goals.

If you’re over 16 years of age and looking to find out more about Physcosexual Therapy in Preston or would like to have a chat with us over the phone before booking a session, please call us directly on 01772 440321 or use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Psychosexual Therapy

When you work with Debbie Brittain (Registered Psychosexual Therapist RGN), you can expect to feel extremely relaxed and comfortable.

Debbie will work with you to address specific sexual issues, concerns, or dysfunctions. 

Here’s what you can expect at Physcosexual Therapy:

Assessment and History Taking: The therapist begins by gathering information about your sexual history, relationship dynamics, and any relevant medical or psychological factors. 

Behavioural Techniques: As part of the treatment for common sexual difficulties
Debbie may give you specifically designed behavioural exercises to work through
in your own time e.g., sensate focus, mindfulness and we can evaluate your
progress together.

Exploration Of Thoughts & Feelings: You may be encouraged to explore  thoughts, feelings, and attitudes toward sex and your body. This can help uncover underlying psychological factors that might contribute to sexual difficulties.

Psychosexual therapy sessions may also include; couples dynamics, sensate focus, cognitive restructuring, and progress monitoring.

About Debbie Brittain

Debbie is a registered Psychosexual Therapist, Nurse, and Midwife. Debbie completed a Psychosexual Therapy Postgraduate Diploma in 2020 from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan).

This is recognised by the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT) and Debbie abides by the COSRT and Nursing and Midwifery Professional Standards of Practice.

Since qualifying Debbie has provided psychosexual therapy within local NHS Services and also within an early intervention and access service for eating disorders and mental health.

Debbie has had a varied career, experienced in academia and clinical roles. She qualified as a Registered Nurse and Midwife in 1986, working as an NHS Midwife for 5 years before moving into Higher Education as a Senior Midwifery Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire until 2020. 

Debbie broad sexual and reproductive health knowledge and clinical expertise is invaluable when collaborating with clients who may be experiencing sexual difficulties alongside other health related conditions.

Debbie is an experienced, compassionate psychosexual therapist and strives to help those in need of support. Debbie provides a safe space to talk about sensitive sexual issues and will work in collaboration with you to support you to work towards your goals.


  • Master’s Degree in Sexual Health Studies
  • Post Graduate Diploma Sexual Therapy (Distinction) 
  • Contraceptive and Sexual Health Qualification
  • Life Coaching Certificate
  • Mental Health First Aider 
  • Registered Nurse and Midwife 
  • Level 1 Compassion Focused Therapy

Common Psychosexual Conditions

• Pain during Intercourse
• Low Sexual Desire (male and female)
• Arousal and Orgasm disorders (male and female)
• Vaginismus
• Erectile and ejaculation difficulties
• Sexuality and Sexual orientation Issues
• Gender Identity Issues
• Body image issues

Debbie can also provide support and guidance for various women’s health issues including; fertility control, sexual and reproductive health and menopause concerns.


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Psychosexual Therapy - FAQs

Yes. Whether you’re seeking psychotherapy for an individual relational concern or would like to attend a couple, either is absolutely fine. Psychosexual therapy can be tailored to your unique needs and requirements, whether that be on your own or with your partner. It’s important to consult with a qualified psychosexual therapist to determine the most appropriate approach for your situation.

The duration of psychosexual therapy can vary widely based on several factors, including the nature of the sexual concerns, the individuals or couples involved, the therapeutic approach, and the progress made during the therapy. Whilst some people may only require short-term therapy, others may require longer-term therapy.

If you have been suffering with a medium to longer-term issue directly related to sexual performance or relationships, it’s likely that you could benefit from Physcosexual therapy at The Therapy Company. For example, if you’re suffering with persistent sexual dysfunction, performance issues or body image concerns, we can help.

The Therapy Company are a 5-star-rated independent therapy practice that pride ourselves on providing compassionate, personal and professional mental health service. Whether you’d like to book an appointment at our facility in Preston or you’d prefer an online appointment, we can cater to your needs.

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