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The Therapy Company provide private psychiatric assessments in Preston at our excellent practice. We are also able to provide online assessments if this is more suitable to your needs and current circumstances. If you’re looking to arrange your private psychiatric assessment, please get in touch with us today directly on 01772 440321 or use our contact form.

In this latest blog post, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about private psychiatric assessments and what they involve. This latest article will cover the following;-

• Private psychiatric assessment overview
• What conditions?
• What’s to be expected in an assessment
• Frequently asked questions

The Therapy Company have an abundance of experience and the best independent psychiatrists available to conduct private psychiatric assessments at our practice in Preston. You can view all psychiatrists on our meet the team page here.

private psychiatric assessment

What is a private psychiatry assessment?

A private psychiatry assessment is an evaluation of your current mental health. It forms the basis of future diagnoses, treatment, and medication if appropriate. If you are currently undiagnosed but would like to gain peace of mind of possible mental health conditions, such as ADHD, a private assessment is your first step to exactly that.

What conditions can an assessment diagnose?

Psychiatric private assessments are able to diagnose a multitude of mental heath conditions and are the first step to getting the required treatment needed to live a better life. Conditions that assessments can diagnose include the following;-

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Addictions
  • Sleep disorders
  • Phobias
  • Personality disorders
  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Eating disorders

What’s involved in an assessment?

A psychiatric assessment involves a highly-qualified and experienced psychiatrist assessing the nature and severity of mental health concern(s). Here are the stages of an assessment and what you can expect;

Questions regarding your mental health – You will work closely with a senior psychiatrist who will take the time to understand your current mental health. Questions may revolve around your medical history, mental health experiences, physical health symptoms, and feelings and thoughts. The assessment will be relaxed and you’ll be made to feel totally comfortable.

Physical Examination – There are instances where physical and mental health are very closely related. In some circumstances, physical examination may be required. For example, if a physical ailment is resulting in poor mental health, it’s important to assess the correlation and we can also refer to you another health professional if this is the case.

Cognitive Tests – As part of your psychiatric assessment, your psychiatrist will also assess your cognitive function. You are likely to undertake various tests to fully analyse your cognitive function. Typical tests may include remembering shortlists, recognising shapes, or solving problems. The environment is totally relaxed and you go at your own pace throughout the assessment.

Personal Life – As well as asking open-ended questions regarding your mental health and medical history, your psychiatrist is also likely to ask you questions regarding your personal life. This stage is to identify any potential links to your current mental health state such as past traumatic events, relationship experiences, and your upbringing.

Dr Shahid Quraishi

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Shahid M Ahmad

Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist MBBS DPM FRCPsych

What can I expect after the assessment?

After the psychiatric assessment, you can expect to receive a comprehensive report which will also include a detailed diagnosis if applicable. Within the report, you are likely to receive our recommended treatment options and plans to better manage your mental health condition(s) moving forward. The next two steps will then entail:

  • Treatment

Once you have had enough time to digest the report and understand your diagnosis, the next stage will be to begin your recommended treatment. It’s also possible that medication may also be prescribed at this stage if recommended by our psychiatrists. Your treatment plan will be easily broken down for you so you can see the quantity and type of treatment required. For example, CBT Therapy for a duration of 6-12 weeks, once per week.

  • Continuous Assessment

Now that you’ve began treatment, it’s still important for both parties to stay in close communication and continuously assess the treatment plan. Treatment and medication isn’t an overnight fix and can take time but if you feel that the services and treatment plan provided isn’t right for you, it’s important to have open dialogue and perhaps consider new approaches.

You’ll be pleased to know that we are able to provide both face-to-face and online psychiatry private assessments. We are based in Preston so if you are local to our practice, we recommend face-to-face. If it’s more feasible to have an online appointment, you can take full advantage of that.

Although it can vary depending on your personal mental health state and possible condition(s), a typical assessment usually take around one hour to complete. This is including going over questions regarding your personal life, medical history, and physical examinations.

Your assessment will be conducted by one of our highly-experienced and trusted consultant psychiatrists. We have a dedicated meet the team page here where you can find out more about all psychiatrists that undertake assessments.

No. A GRP referral is not required for you to undergo a psychiatric assessment. You can simply call us today to book your assessment.

There are several reasons why you may seek a private psychiatric assessment. One of the main reasons to seek an assessment is if you are experiencing persistent or severe mental health symptoms. Another reason may be to receive a second option regarding a treatment plan or diagnosis. Other reasons may also include; exploring treatment options, seeking clarification or assessing the need for therapy. 

We understand that going to a private psychiatric assessment is a big deal and you may want to bring a loved one or friend with you. Our private psychiatrists completely understand and this is usually allowed. We would just need to be informed in advance to ensure their presence aligns with the assessment process.

After your private psychiatric assessment, our psychiatrists will discuss all findings that have been undertaken. A diagnosis will be provided at this stage, if applicable, and we can then collaborate with you to develop a bespoke treatment plan to better manage and treat your most prominent symptoms. Treatment plans may include lifestyle recommendations, medication management, talking therapies, and further mental health options.

Yes, of course. Confidentiality is taken very seriously at The Therapy Company and all psychiatrists are bound by professional ethics and legal obligations to maintain strict confidentiality. All information that you share with our team will be kept 100% confidential unless there is risk of harm to either yourself or others. Please feel free to discuss confidentiality policies with our team, if you wish, for your peace of mind.

The length of a private psychiatric assessment can vary depending on the individual’s condition, thoroughness of evaluation, and other variable factors that may differ. As a rough estimate, initial assessments usually last for anywhere between 60-90 minutes which is sufficient time for our highly-experienced psychiatrists to conduct a comprehensive evaluation.

Once we have untaken the assessment with you, you will likely receive a diagnosis based on the findings and evaluation. A diagnosis will help to give you peace of mind and clarity. We can then proceed to helping you with a treatment plan and aiding you in accessing the support you require on an on-going basis.


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