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Are you looking for a psychiatrist for depression? If so, look no further than The Therapy Company. We have highly-qualified and experienced psychiatrists that are able to diagnose depression and then proceed with treatments and/or medication. Our psychiatrists will be able to rule out any other medical conditions and fine-tune treatment to your specific plans and severity of depression. Moreover, we are able to provide on-going sessions that can help to both manage and alleviate symptoms of depression. This is through talking therapies such as CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and counselling. 

In this latest blog post, we are going to outline the key indicators to look out for which may signal that you may have depression and need professional support from our private psychiatrists.

Severities Of Depression

One of the first things that our psychiatrists will look to diagnose if the severity of your depression. This is an important first step before proceeding with any potential treatment options. Depression is generally segregated into three categories;

  • Mild Depression – This is where it can have some impact on your daily life but you’re usually able to still go about daily activities, relationships, and work commitments with little interferences.

  • Moderate Depression – This is where the levels of depression has a significant impact on your life where daily activities, relationships and work commitments are increasingly difficult for the individual.

  • Severe Depression – This is the worse level of depression and when at this stage, it’s extremely hard to get through daily life and immediate professional help and/or medication is required.
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Physical Symptoms Of Depression

Although depression is psychological, many people experience physical symptoms when it becomes moderate to severe. You may notice that you are starting to move or speak slower than you usually would and another key to change to look out for is clear changes in your appetite, for example, eating much less than you normally would consume on a daily basis. In some cases, you may also notice you are eating more regularly which is often a symptom of emotional eating. Other physical symptoms to look out for include;-

  • Unexplained aches or pains.
  • Lack of energy in normal daily activities
  • Disturbed or lock of sleep.
  • Low sex drive or loss of libido.

Social Symptoms Of Depression

Another thing that will change, as a result of depression, will be social symptoms. The most common social symptom of depression will be a noticeable withdrawal from normal activities that you normally love to take part in, whether that be attending football matches or dance classes, for example. When diagnosed with depression, it can be extremely difficult to find the energy to take part in activities that involve social interaction. Other social symptoms of depression may include;-

  • Avoiding eye contact with friends and/or strangers.
  • Neglecting further hobbies or interests.
  • Having difficulties at work.
  • Experiencing difficulties in personal relationships.

Psychological  Symptoms of Depression

There are dozens of potential psychological symptoms that you may or may not be experiencing as a result of depression. Some of the most common psychological symptoms include decreased low self esteem, continuous low mood or sadness, feeling hopeless and helpless, and feeling tearful. Other psychological symptoms of depression may also include;-

  • Feeling irritable and intolerant of others.
  • Feeling intense feelings of guilt and frustration.
  • Having no motivation to start of complete tasks.
  • Not getting any enjoyment out of daily life.

How Can The Therapy Company Help?

Here at The Therapy Company, we offer a wide range of support for people struggling with mental health problems such as  depression. The below treatments are what our private psychiatrists are able to provide;-

  • CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) – CBT truly helps to understand how your thoughts affect your behaviour which then leads to both physical and emotional issues. It’s the self-awareness and questioning of this type of talking therapy that makes it such a successful type of therapy for many. Once negative thoughts are identified, further work can then be done to replace the past irrelevant thoughts with new ones that will serve you moving forwards

  • Private Psychiatry – After conducting the initial assessments, our psychiatrist(s) can then proceed to diagnose any particular conditions which is often the first step on the road to recovery. Once the diagnosis has been met, the psychiatrist can then proceed to treat mental and emotional disorders through the use of talking therapies, such as CBT and counselling, medications, or a combination of the two.

  • Counselling – Our professionally trained counsellors in Preston are fully equipped to handle all types of problems and issues, using proven techniques and methods to help you through your difficult emotions and feelings.

Our team is here to support you through this difficult period so please do contact us on 01772 725530 or use our contact form and we can discuss how we can help you.

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