Psychiatrist For Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are behavioral conditions associated with stressful thoughts and negative emotions toward food. They can be very damaging conditions to someone’s health both physically and mentally and also commonly affect other areas of life such as social life.

There are many types of eating disorders including the likes of anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and lots more too. They all have the power to majorly impact someone’s life and can come about at any age or point in life.

We most commonly see an eating disorder start around the teenage years but they can still come on after this period. Eating disorders can make you feel certain emotions, make you have specific thoughts, and make you do particular things.

As psychiatrists, we are here to provide support as well as offer ways of dealing with your eating disorder to help you in recovery. Psychiatrists who deal with eating disorders need to safely assess and manage medical risk and so need skills in physical medicine as well as an ability to work with different psychological models and therapies.

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Psychiatrist For Eating Disorders

There are a lot of misconceptions about eating disorders. People often think once a patient is eating correctly, they’re suddenly ‘okay’ when it’s actually much more complicated than that. There are varying levels of eating disorders each with unique symptoms and characteristics.

Depending on the condition of the patient, which we will carefully and sensitively assess beforehand, we will prescribe various types of therapy and support.

For example, some people may require daily appointments but others may not be able to handle this which is totally fine. Through psychiatric support, we aim to change a person’s perception towards food and eating as well as potentially one’s body image. In some cases, inpatient psychiatric treatment may be necessary too.

As a team of psychiatrists carrying out various therapies and techniques, we always aim to make sure our services are carried out efficiently, supportively, and carefully to ensure the patient is comfortable. Specifically for eating disorders, we offer a series of different mental health services, some of which can be listed here;

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – This type of psychotherapy focuses on your feelings, emotions, and thoughts that are related to your eating disorder. CBT is centred around reframing current patterns that lead to eating disorder behaviours.

Prescribed Medication – Our psychiatrists are able to prescribe medication for eating disorders if they see fit. However, this is normally best when combined with psychological therapy such as CBT, counselling, or alternate therapies.

CounsellingCounselling may also be recommended, as part of your long-term recovery, from eating disorders. Mindfulness techniques and practices can be covered, as well as giving you a safe space to speak to a mental health professional.

Our best interests are with making the patient better so the advice we give will be issued accordingly. For example, if someone was severely underweight, and most likely experiencing anorexia nervosa, treatment will begin with physical recovery prior to psychological treatment. This is because once the body itself has recovered somewhat, the mental focus will be easier to follow.

Why The Therapy Company?

We think you should choose us for a number of reasons, however the most important is that we genuinely care and will also offer the best solution for the patient. We’ll initially assess your needs and requirements before deciding on the most effective treatment.

A comprehensive care plan will then be constructed and our fully qualified and accredited therapists will deliver it to get you as healthy as possible in the most timely manner. We’re registered with leading private medical insurers including Bupa, AXA, Aviva, WPA, and many others. In addition, our consultant psychiatrists can also offer clinical and medico-legal assessments.

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Psychiatry For Eating Disorders – FAQs

The Therapy Company provides comprehensive and dedicated private mental health care. We are proud to have some of the leading private psychiatrists working for us in Preston, as well as providing online appointments. Our mission is simple. We aim to improve the lives of our patients by offering expert mental health support without the waiting times of the public services.

During your first appointment with The Therapy Company, you’ll be made to feel completely relaxed with our private specialists in a controlled and confidential environment. The first appointment will involve conducting a thorough assessment to find out more about your medical history, eating habits, and mental health history. We’ll also take the time to explore any current and long-lasting symptoms. This will form the basis for developing a personalised treatment plan.

Our highly-qualified and trained psychiatrists for eating disorders can treat and manage symptoms for binge-eating disorder, anorexia nervosa, and other specified feeding or eating disorders (OSFED). Our psychiatrists play a crucial role in diagnosing and treating various eating disorders, offering comprehensive care that addresses both the psychological and physiological aspects of these conditions.

The Therapy Company is qualified to prescribe medication for eating disorders that may also include other mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression. Prescribing medication will depend on the individual as well as the severity and type of eating disorder. All options will be thoroughly discussed during the first appointment with our friendly yet professional team.

The frequency of visits you’ll require will depend on your individual needs and treatment progress. In the early stages of using our professional and private service, you may be required to see us weekly or bi-weekly. As we see your progress in the coming weeks and months, appointments may become less frequent. 

As well as medication, which may be prescribed on an individual basis, our psychiatrists may recommend other treatments such as CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) to challenge current thought patterns, beliefs, and emotions. We may also recommend local support groups and counselling.

Yes. The Therapy Company has recently introduced online psychiatry for eating disorders for patients that can’t get to our facility in Preston. Initial consultations can be done from the comfort of your home, which can be preferable for patients, depending on the extent of symptoms and current mental well-being.

Yes, of course. If you wish to check out our meet the team page and meet our private psychiatrists, please click here. All psychiatrists are qualified and accredited in their areas of expertise and are also registered with leading private medical insurers including Bupa, AXA, Aviva, WPA, and many others.

Our team always recommends having a solid support network around you, especially for younger patients. We will encourage this as we are big advocates of this being an integral part of overall treatment. However, this is obviously your decision.

Treatment duration varies based on the individual and the severity of the disorder. It can range from several months to years. Ongoing support and monitoring are often necessary to maintain recovery.

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