5 Benefits of Exercise

Here is our list to help motivate you to get moving and start exercising;When you get moving, your body creates hormones called endorphins that are responsible for making you feel happy.When you are physically active, your body also releases dopamine and adrenaline that makes your brain kick into a higher gear. This makes you feel more alert, focused and enables you to absorb information easier.Exercise trains the nerve cells in the area of our brain, […]

Royal Seal of Approval

Prince Harry endorses therapy. After enduring two years of “total chaos” while still struggling in his late twenties to come to terms with the death of his mother, Harry sought counselling following advice from his brother William.Increasingly, research studies are showing that parental loss during childhood or adolescence can and often does lead to depression during childhood and into adulthood. There is no question that it is traumatising for any child or adolescent to sustain […]

Take a Break

If you don’t feel you’ve got time or you are easily distracted, this is essential reading…… Example; You turn your PC on to send an email.  You see all the other emails coming into your inbox and immediately start answering them.  Thirty minutes later, (if you are lucky) you realise you haven’t sent the original email you intended to send. You think you have been creative and productive doing this, yet your brain has been […]

Good Enough?

So, how much do you like yourself? 80%? 60% or maybe 40%? Let’s not focus on anything less, other than there is a little voice in your head telling you you’re not good enough, and that little voice has pretty high standards. Unrealistic high standards in fact!Where and when does this voice arise? On one level, it’s from within, yet the external messages we listen to from a young age are powerful and influential in […]