If you don’t feel you’ve got time or you are easily distracted, this is essential reading……

Example; You turn your PC on to send an email.  You see all the other emails coming into your inbox and immediately start answering them.  Thirty minutes later, (if you are lucky) you realise you haven’t sent the original email you intended to send.

You think you have been creative and productive doing this, yet your brain has been operating in flight or fight mode. The amygdala, which is part of the brain responsible for the primitive fight or flight system is switched on, and although you think you are rushing to achieve your goals, you are, according to our brain, running away from something.

By sending the one email and not allowing the amygdala, the emotional part of the brain to operate, you are breaking that cycle and giving your emotions a rest.   These little breaks allow you the opportunity to make choices instead of reacting on autopilot to whatever kidnapped your attention.

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