The Therapy Company provides private counselling at our practice in Preston. The power of counselling cannot be underestimated across various mental health conditions and symptoms. Many patients enquire with us seeking help and support for anxiety, and counselling is often one of the key mental health services that we provide. 

We understand how difficult it can be to navigate anxiety, especially in the modern-day world, which is why we provide a confidential, supportive, and compassionate counselling service.

Whether your anxiety stems from an on-going condition, a recent life event, or you’re unsure why you even experience anxiety on a regular basis, we are here to offer the support you need.

In this blog, we emphasise the importance of the power of counselling for anxiety.

We highlight the key benefits and potential rewards from counselling:

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What is counselling?

Counselling is a type of talking therapy that is a collaborative approach between a trained professional and the individual who is seeking to address personal, emotional, or psychological challenges. Within counselling and on-going sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to confidentially share thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and experiences. The goal is to navigate through current difficulties and introduce various coping mechanisms to ultimately improve the mental well-being and happiness of the individual.

Counselling encompasses a wide range of approaches and techniques tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual or group. These may include talk therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy, mindfulness-based interventions, and more. 

Let’s get into the key benefits of counselling…

Understanding triggers

One of the key benefits of counselling for anxiety is that you’ll start to understand triggers and where your anxiety stems from. Counselling with our trained professionals at The Therapy Company helps you to identify underlying causes of your anxiety. Although this can be uncomfortable within the early stages, you’ll feel relaxed in our setting with our compassionate counsellors that are here to support you. Moreover, understanding triggers will help you to enable and develop effective coping strategies.

Learning coping skills

Understanding your triggers is just the starting point with counselling. You’ll also learn practical coping skills and relaxation techniques to manage your personal anxiety symptoms. Symptoms can vary from individual to individual, and therefore the approach is personal and tailored. Common types of relaxation techniques we often introduce to patients include: deep breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, and mindfulness.

Cognitive Restructuring

Counselling is much more than a short-term approach. It’s actually designed to provide long-term benefits. One of the ways it does this effectively is through cognitive restructuring. Here, we reframe negative thought patterns and irrational beliefs that often contribute towards anxiety and various symptoms. As a result of reframing negative thoughts, you’ll often start to think about your anxiety in a different way which helps to promote emotional regulation.

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Stress management

We all experience stress but when your stress is starting to take over your life and affect daily activities, it may be time to seek help from trained professionals at The Therapy Company. Counselling equips individuals with proven stress management techniques, such as mindfulness practices, that helps to reduce your overall stress levels. This can truly help to reduce symptoms of anxiety not just in the short-term, but longer term too.

Mindfulness-based approaches

A considerable part of counselling involves encouraging mindfulness-based approaches. Mindfulness-based approaches are proven to help cultivate present-moment awareness and acceptance. This is often the antidote to anxiety. In the face of anxiety-provoking situations, that otherwise may have been extremely challenging or impossible to tackle, you’ll learn how to enhance emotional resilience.

Long-term prevention

As mentioned a few times in the above benefits, counselling for anxiety can result in long-term prevention. This is especially true if you commit to on-going counselling sessions, perhaps on a weekly or even monthly basis. Consistent sessions can help to prevent future relapses and promote long-term emotional well-being. Moreover, having professional help for whenever you need it, provides great peace of mind for your on-going journey.

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We hope this blog has helped to educate you in terms of the power of counselling for anxiety. Counselling can truly help with stress management, cognitive restructuring, understanding triggers, coping mechanisms, and much more.

Navigating anxiety on your own and without the help you deserve can be difficult in the modern-day world. That’s why The Therapy Company provides private counselling at our state-of-the-art practice in Preston whilst also offering online consultation.

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