Your privacy and confidentiality is incredibly important when it comes to medical care and psychiatry. There’s so much information and detail about an individual that’s often sensitive and personal. And that’s even before you consider all the GDPR regulations that must be adhered to.

Confidentiality keeps patients feeling safe, secure and more comfortable which ultimately allows for a better environment for psychiatry and better all-round treatment.

In this blog, we will delve into how confidentiality is maintained in private psychiatry at The Therapy Company and what mechanisms are in place to protect a patients’ privacy:

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Maintaining Confidentiality in Private Psychiatry: How Your Privacy Is Protected

Legal and Ethical Standards

There are both legal and ethical standards to uphold when it comes to storing data and information as a private psychiatrist. There are laws in place from a General Data Protection Regulation standpoint as well as internal professional codes of conduct.

This combination means patient confidentiality is disclosed in certain ways, with permission and is otherwise kept safe.

Administrative Safeguarding

There are systems and processes in place to protect patient information. This includes secure record keeping software with stringent access controls for authorised individuals only.

What’s more is that electronic health records (EHRs) are encrypted and stored on secure servers, minimising the risk of data breaches. Training of data storing is also mandatory as part of having a job at such establishments too.

Trusting and Confidential Environment

Aside from systems and processes, private psychiatrists at The Therapy Company also do their utmost to build a trusting and confidential environment for patients to be in. Patients are assured verbally of the confidentiality of their sessions from the moment they step through the door.

Emphasis will also be placed on confidentiality because it’s so important to a private practice to respect the privacy of clients. These words are then backed up with action which often establishes trust within the relationship.

Communication Channels

Similar in some ways to the point above however private psychiatrists will always keep a clear line of communication open between them and the patient.

Psychiatrists utilise encrypted email systems, secure messaging platforms, soundproof walls in person and more to communicate with patients, minimising the risk of interception or unauthorised access to sensitive information. 

Other Considerations

There are some other ways that we maintain confidentiality with people’s privacy too. As The Therapy Company operates from our facility in Preston, we ensure only the best security systems to keep the property locked and secure when vacant.

This means any paperwork or electronic devices storing data will be secure too. The professionals who operate in the psychiatrists will have had years of training and briefing on this exact subject so they’re very well placed to be looking after your confidentiality.

As the patient, we would also recommend being proactive with your own confidentiality when seeking any psychiatric treatment. Be wary of where you put your own data and information and ask our private practice directly. This will give you peace of mind and confidence.

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We hope this blog has helped to identify reasons and ways that we maintain confidentiality in private psychiatry. Protecting your privacy is one of the highest priorities for us because it’s a legal and ethical obligation that must be followed.

It keeps your identity and information safe as well as makes you feel more comfortable to receive mental health services. We want to build a trusting and respectful relationship so keeping your privacy confidential is the cornerstone of working on this.

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